Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Lies in Shadow ~ Tina Wainscott

In Boston Jonna Karakosta is bored as her successful husband Rush ignores her except when he needs his "trophy" on display for business purposes.Despite Rush's detached exterior Jonna tries to remain devoted to him even when his disinterest seems to escalate.Rush's indifference to his wife's needs leads her to find other forms of filling the void of an apathetic hubby.Not one to wallow in her anguish, Jonna sets up a blog, "Montene's Diary", where she anonymously releases her inner torment & finds a niche to vent her exasperation.Jonna free to release her intimate cravings & frustrations on her blog "Montene's Diary".Much to her astonishment "Montene's Diary" becomes celebrated."Montene's Diary" gets alot of hits. People post on her blog ~ cheering, sharing, advising.Enter Dominic. An admirer of "Montene's Diary". Suave. Refreshing. Appreciative.Jonna speculates that Rush is cheating on her.Aching & torn up, Jonna accepts Dominic’s request to meet in person.Damaged & feeling rejected, Jonna, is curious to see where the tête-à-tête goes.Nevertheless, she begins to have second thoughts as she decides to save her marriage; but Dominic has a different outcome in mind.Tina Wainscott really does an incredible job alerting readers about putting too much personal information on the internet.WHAT LIES ON SHADOW is must-read suspense. I could NOT put this book down.I just couldn't read it fast enough. As I reached the conclusion I found myself not wanting to come to the end & leave the characters behind.Although some of the twists are obvious, fans old & new of Tina Wainscott will appreciate this look at the dark side of blogging.

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