Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Intentions ~ Emily Listfield


What happens when you think you know the person you love — and you're dead wrong?
From the acclaimed author of Waiting to Surface comes the story of four college friends whose reunion reawakens old desires and grudges — with fatal results.
After tossing and turning all night, thirty-nine-year-old Lisa Barkley wakes up well before her alarm sounds. With two daughters about to start another year at their elite Upper East Side private school and her own career hitting a wall, the effort of trying to stay afloat in that privileged world of six-story town houses and European jaunts has become increasingly difficult, especially as Manhattan descends into an economic freefall.
As Lisa looks over at her sleeping husband, Sam, she can't help but feel that their fifteen-year marriage is in a funk that she isn't able to place. She tries to shake it off and tells herself that the strain must be due to their mounting financial pressures. But later that morning, as her family eats breakfast in the next room, Lisa finds herself checking Sam's voicemail and hears a whispered phone call from a woman he is to meet that night. Is he having an affair?
When Lisa shares her suspicions with her best friend, Deirdre, at their weekly breakfast, Deirdre claims it can't be true. But how can Lisa fully trust her opinion when Deirdre is still single and mired in an obsessive affair with a glamorous photographer even as it hovers on the edge of danger?
When Deirdre's former college flame, Jack, comes to town and the two couples meet to cele-brate his fortieth birthday, the stage is set for an explosive series of discoveries with devastating consequences.

Emily Listfield is a painter of words & Best Intentions proves it.

Each word was a stroke of color whispered across an artist's canvas.

Emily is a shimmering pearl on the verge of discovery by more than a select few.

This story was a intricate blend of contemporary fiction, women's fiction & suspense.

Looks like Ms. Listfield created her own genre jam packed w/reputable, sultry delicious reading.

So, wonder if "simmering darn good" fiction is okay to use as a sub-genre?

Ms.Listfield is an incredible storyteller. Best Intentions showcases what it takes for an author to make that defining leap into the literary stratosphere .

Best Intentions is much more than a gripping page-turner. It also shines a light on the human condition. All with trust @ its core.

Trust. Simple word wielding so many emotions & so much power. So, what does it mean to trust? How does one trust? The question of trust is what unravels the juicy goodness that is Best Intentions.

Emily created a truly remarkable heroine in Lisa Barkley. She is an empowering female who isn't weak or a delicate hothouse flower who depends on her husband, Sam, to make the world "right".

Lisa can handle it fine all by herself. Yes, she loves her husband, but she isn't the type of woman who needs to be validated by any man & that includes her hubby.

Emily's writing is bewitching. She just pulls you in. Claire & Phoebe are written authentically w/o over the top fanfare. Bravo to her on creating credible characters.

"I hope the cooler season will wipe the slate clean, bring a new semester for our marriage." is just a soupçon of the breathtaking prose you will encounter.

Where on earth has Emily Listfield been hiding? I am thrilled to have experienced this talented scribe.

For me, turning the pages of Best Intentions was like opening a present.

I must say, I was a bit sad when I reached the end of my reading journey with this alluring, smoky, tension- filled, scrumptious novel.

Ornate storytelling is a terrain Listfield seems to know to a harrowing fare-thee-well.

Bottom line... it is lyrically bewitching.

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Thank you, Lauren for giving me this honor of reading a splendid novel.

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