Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Association ~ Bentley Little

Publisher: Signet Book
Date: August 2001
Page Count: 438

Barry and Maureen are delighted when they are approved as tenants by the Association, an exclusive gated community, until they discover the hidden rules that govern their new community, any infraction of which could result in severe punishment--even death.

I know there will be lights left on all night after reading this horrific tale.

Why do I know this? Because... I just do. That's all you're gettin' from moi.

I have a small confession to make ~ it's a teeny, tiny one.


I have never read a Stephen King novel. Yep, it's true. What can I say ~ I prefer his cheesy TV movies than actually picking up one of his novels.

Carrie may be the reason for my aversion to most things Stephen -- I peeked @ the movie as a kid (after hearing cousins/friends/adults freakin' out while watching it).

I LOVE Johnny T, but nope ~ I will not watch the movie ~ not even edited for TV!!!

I "attempted" to read Stephen King 3 years ago. I rushed out to grab a copy of Cell the day it was released but... zzz ZZZ.

I was quite ticked because I spent $$$ on that lemon that was better spent on toilet tissue -- although, I could of used the pages to ____. Y'know. lol.

So, no King for me. I thought maybe the horror genre just wasn't for me.


I started wondering... Could it be? Could it really be that I wasn't made for much stronger stock than "there is a body in the dining room ~ face down in the gazpacho soup" or "Let me call, Jessica". Hmmm...

*Wheels churning*.

How can that be? How? I love Dean Koontz.

Bamm!!! It hit me... It's not that I don't get the horror genre. I don't get him.

His face scares the coconuts outta me. There... it's out. Oh, please, I know others feel & think the same but don't have the bazoomas (thanks, Sophie @ So Many Books, So Little Time ) to 'fess up. LOL.

Bentley Little & Dean Koontz know how to freak me the heck out. They have spooky, freaky deaky talent in spades.

The Association was my terrifying introduction to Bentley Little. He is one knotted, inventive, macabre & chilling dude.

Little is an author that writes from the deepest depths of twisted.

Hmmm... Let me put it out there ~ I wouldn't want him over for dinner.

Who am I kidding, I wouldn't want him anywhere near me. No offense to Mr. Ghoulish. I'm just satisfied buying his books - definitely no author events for me.

I'm too 'fraid. Yes, I am a big 'ole fraidy cat.

So, if you love to get your fright on... Bentley Little pens horror @ its frightening best.

The Association may start slowly for some, but it builds & the goose bumps do make a cameo apperance. You won't be able to put it down.

The Association displays a unique plot & one may wonder if they really want to live within a gated community. Hey! I'm just sayin'...

When it comes to making every day existence seem so frightening, Bentley Little knocks it out of the box.

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