Sunday, May 17, 2009

Murder of a Small-Town ~ Denise Swanson

Publisher: Signet
Pub. Date: July 2000
Scumble River Mystery Series


When Skye Denison left Scumble River years ago, she swore she'd never come back. Now, having been fired from her job, jilted by her boyfriend and rejected by her credit cards, she has reluctantly returned....

Immediately, Skye's determination to keep a low profile as the new school psychologist is assaulted by an army of small-town busybodies and well-meaning family members who can't wait to pry into her life, dole out advice, and volunteer her services in the Chokeberry Days festival.

And when the fair erupts in chaos and controversy, the Cow Chip Bingo sabotaged and the jelly contest ruined, Skye closes the event down altogether by finding a dead body....

The deceased, who at first appears to be the elderly host of a beloved children's TV program, and a dear, sweet thing, turns out to be quite different — a sexy young woman with a wild past and more secrets than are in Aunt Minnie's Jello Surprise. And if this stunning revelation weren't enough to intrigue Skye's inner snoop, soon her own brother is accused of the crime....

Denise Swanson had me laughing so hard tears rolled & rolled... & rolled again! This series is hysterical. Skye is friggin' hilarious!

My favorite was the Cow Chip Bingo. I had to wipe the tears away. It was unbelievably uproarious!

I would combust into fits of laughter telling anybody & everybody about the wickedly delicious Scumble River series.

Watching Skye Denison return to her hometown was enjoyable. Skye is definitely well loved & is welcome w/ open arms. Of course, there are a few sarcastic comments made about her extra padding ~ she put on a few pounds while away from home.

Skye offers to be a jelly judge at Chokeberry Days, a local tradition that had me doubling over from laughing so hard. Some Scumble River residents advocate it as a way to bring revenue into the town, while others oppose it, groaning it is bringing a little too much change.

Swanson knows how to create characters who are a vibrant mix of personalities. Skye's a quick-witted woman w/ an abundance of intuition into human frailty. Swanson does an excellent job keeping Skye credible.

Skye's dichotomy of indecision is spot on. Skye's thrilled to be home embracing her family's nurturing affection, yet disillusioned by her own feelings of inadequacy. Which Swanson does an extraordinary job describing. Bravo to Denise!!!

Denise Swanson's Murder of a Small-Town depicts life in a small town effortlessly. I wanted to pack my bags for a weekend stay w/ Skye & the rest of the quirky Denison's.

Murder of a Small-Town Honey
is a charming, rapid paced mystery that will leave you absolutely impatient for your next visit to Scumble River.

Hurry pick up a copy of Murder of a Small-Town Honey...

Warning! Refrain from noshing or drinking while reading!!!

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  1. I read a short story set in this series before and I always meant to pick up the actual series. Still haven't done so but this one sounds really, really good!

  2. This is a hysterical series. Skye is funny. The Cow Chip Bingo is hilarious!!!