Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cattery Row ~ Clea Simon

Cattery Row is Clea Simon's second foray in the Theda Krakow series.In this sophomore outting Theda's caught up in murder, extortion and cat thefts.In recent months, eight catteries near Boston have been broken into, and expensive show cats stolen.Theda is bewildered over these thefts. Afterall, without documents of their lineage, the cats are practically worthless, so why would anyone steal them?Her friends are having their own problems. Eccentric cat-breeder Rose has received a blackmail phone call. She doesn’t have the money they asked for. If she doesn’t pay, they will kill her cats. Violet has had some sick kittens stolen from her shelter.Theda gets hired to write a follow up story. Her friend Rose is one of those women. When Theda goes to interview her, she finds Rose murdered.Thea speculates the blackmailer killed her. The police figure Rose was involved in the string of robberies of purebred cats.Cleo Simon definitely knows cats. Her knowledge comes through in the way she has them interact with the humans.Ms.Simon ensnares you immediately from the first page.This series just gets better & better.

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