Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead On ~ Robert W. Walker

Publisher: Gale Group
Pub. Date: July 17, 2009
A Marcus Rydell, Kat Holley PI Thriller


PI Marcus Rydell is set on rehabilitating his chaotic life. Dr. Kat Holley seeks an impetuous vengeance on a psychopath who has ruined both their lives.

Together Marus & Kat reach common ground & learn to respect & understand one another. Kat & Marcus grow closer as they join forces to set things right. Oh, yeah, there's Paco ~ a delightful black dog that steals the show.

Marcus has to come to grips w/ a past he refuses to acknowledge. Kat pulls Marcus into a dangerous hunt in the inky forests to capture a cold, calculated, twisted former marine, Iden Cantu.

Psst! Iden's face is located next to the words "certifiable demented loon"! Really! I was so spooked I thought I saw infrared reflecting off my windows while reading.

Did I dare look? Heck No!!! Geez! Hel lo! I'm from Noo Yawk! Let the freak play Rambo in my yard ~ have @ it twisted nutty bar!

The book kicks off w/ a high octane throttle. Marcus Rydell is about to have a pistol sandwich when a kid in trouble thwarts Marcus from digesting the metallic condiments.

Like a house on fire, Dead On takes off & doesn't burn out until the conclusion, by then you want some more flames coming your way.

Marcus Rydell is a terrific character. A real man w/ genuine issues. No watered down protagonist in this roller coaster thriller! Kudos to Walker for making everything flow like melted butta!

Walker's descriptive expertise is absolutely astonishing! Applause to Walker for accomplishing this skillful talent so darn effortlessly.

Walker knows how to write gritty scenes like he's been hanging out w/ nefarious scum in the seediest of locales.

Walker also knows how to pen riveting characters who just make you feel you are living their lives ~ good & bad characters alike. His writing grips you like a python & you are hooked!

Kat Holley isn't your dainty maiden or damsel in distress. She is a powerful character that kicks butt & tells it like it is. This is definitely a welcome addition when so many female protagonists are just written as curvy cupcakes.

Dead On is definitely a strap on your seat belt thriller. The suspense element is akin to TNT. I found myself not just reading it but wanting to read it. I will scope out his Gaslight series because of this impressive thriller.

Looking for an action packed, frightening read this summer? Dead On is loaded w/ thrills, excitement & a strong cast.

Grab a copy of Robert W. Walker's Dead On & get to meet Marcus, Kat & Paco.

Dead On will be available July 17th!

Pre-Order a copy of Dead On if you like breathless suspense!

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