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Death Angel ~ Linda Howard

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In Linda Howard’s gifted hands, second chances, unexpected romance, and unrelenting action combine into a riveting new novel of suspense. In Death Angel, bad girls can wake up and trust their hearts, bad guys can fight for what’s right . . . and dying just might be the only way to change one’s life.
A striking beauty with a taste for diamonds and dangerous men, Drea Rousseau is more than content to be arm candy for Rafael Salinas, a notorious crime lord who deals with betrayal through quick and treacherous means: a bullet to the back of the head, a blade across the neck, an incendiary device beneath a car. Eager to break with Rafael, Drea makes a fateful decision and a desperate move, stealing a mountain of cash from the malicious killer. After all, an escape needs to be financed.
Though Drea runs, Salinas knows she can’t hide–and he dispatches a cold-blooded assassin in hot pursuit, resulting in a tragic turn of events. Or does it?
Left for dead, Drea miraculously returns to the realm of the living a changed woman. She’s no longer shallow and selfish, no longer steals or cheats or sells herself short. Both humbled and thrilled with this unexpected second chance, Drea embraces her new life. But in order to feel safe and sound–and stop nervously looking over her shoulder–she will need to take down those who marked her for death.
Joining forces with the FBI, supplying vital inside information that only she can provide, Drea finds herself working with the most dangerous man she’s ever known. Yet the closer they get to danger, the more intense their feelings for each other become, and the more Drea realizes that the cost of her new life may be her life itself–as well as her heart.

Hmmm... someone wanted to meet their contract obligations.

I so wanted to like " Death Angel ". Really.

I wanted to sink into the latest offering from Linda Howard & lose myself, but the only thing I lost was my mind... for telling myself the book will get better.

I don't know what I was thinking finishing it when all I heard in my head was buzzing. I believe a mosquito was trapped there begging to get out.

It was horrible. Shoddy. The storyline made no sense.

Did it take awhile for me to get into it? Yup. It took 342 pages... it ended @ 341.

The characters weren't your usual hero/heroine, but that wasn't the problem.

The problem ~for me ~ was the crappy writing.

I don't care if you had bestsellers in the past, Ms. Howard, inferior writing is still inferior writing.

The anti-hero premise didn't make my lips pucker. I was looking forward to the anti-hero twist.

There was very little info about the anti-hero aka the Assassian. He remained mysterious & brooding throughout the book. I wanted more...

I even envisioned him in my mind : p

Linda Howard missed the boat by not sprinkling some insights into this bereft character.

She could of tossed some crumbs or offered a tiny glimpse to explain why he was the way he was.

Instead the Assassian was deprived of having his story told.

The unconventional female lead didn't make me feel much ~ if anything ~ for her.

Drea had to be much more than a smart, greedy, glistening trophy.

I did not envision her in my mind @ the time but now I have a face to go w/ Drea.

It was a book teemed w/ dark characters, but the characters weren't given time to develop.

Bottom line... it was lacking substance.

Linda Howard added a paranormal element. Cool, huh? It can be if used to add something not to take the e~z way out.

So, are you wondering which road was taken? Ms. Howard tossed the paranormal aspect in to climb out of the hole she dug for herself & her unfleshed characters.

There were times I forced myself to read it (it was given to me for my birthday last Summer) so I muddled on.

I couldn't wait to finish it, but struggled to do so.

There were times, it felt like I was reading two different books. Choppy!

I still wonder if Ms. Howard had a good idea, but just didn't know how to deliver it.

If you are looking for a fast-paced read ~ good luck! You'd have better luck reading a ceral box.

I believe in supporting authors, but this was definitely not worth the $$$.

With the mass market paperback version hitting bookstores 4/28/09 you may want to give it a chance.

My advice, I think you should buy what you really want & check "Death Angel" out from the library or ask a friend to lend you their copy... unless they used it to keep the house warm this past Winter.

Bottom line... you will either love-it-or-hate-it.

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