Friday, May 29, 2009

Prism ~ Faye Kellerman & Aliza Kellerman

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Pub. Date: June 23, 2009
Age Range: 12 and up


Prism takes us to a slightly alternate universe in which medicine and health care do not exist, and in which sick people are allowed to die without any care. Set in New Mexico and California, the novel features three teens who fall through a cave at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico while on a field trip. They are plunged into a frightening parallel universe--seven weeks in the past, in which their "normal" worlds of family and high school remain the same...except for the fact that no medicine exists and when people die in the street they are picked up and disposed of.

Where do I begin? I am a bit speechless. Prism was simply amazing! Prism was so wickedly delicious I had to pinch myself to make sure I didn't have the most awesome of dreams.

I mean, was this a Jerry Bruckheimer production? Was I on the Warner sound stage? This book definitely has what it takes to make it to the silver screen.

Psst! I have a feeling Prism won't take too long to make it to the big screen.

Now, I'm not sure how much I want to divulge since this is a stunning book w/ so much going on.

Faye & Aliza Kellerman definitely have a best seller in Prism. While Faye is no stranger to the list, Aliza will definitely make her best seller debut this summer w/ her break out Young Adult novel, Prism.

Prism has an eclectic array of action, adventure, suspense, chills & thrills. Prism is like riding the cyclone unbelted during a black out. Really!

Aliza & Faye definitely know how to formulate characters. Kaida is my fave. I found myself not just relating to her but understanding her. The characters in Prism are exceptionally written.

The players are lavishly coated, extremely authentic & incandescent. The cast is sweeping w/ real adolescent expectations, imperfections & misgivings. The teens are not written by some adult "remembering" their teen trials & tribulations, but by a bona fide teen. Bravo!

Faye & Aliza have entered the YA arena w/ this gripping debut. While Faye's name is on the cover, it is Aliza's striking aura that takes center stage. Prism has a distinctive voice that is so different from Faye's usual compelling drama you know you've stepped into Aliza's literary orb.

Aliza is a luminous star on the rise. Prism is just a morsel of what Aliza has in store for reader's looking for ingenious stories that make your brain do imaginative calisthenics.

At times, Prism left me holding my breath. Prism has a soulful inflection that speaks volumes for an artistic sixteen year old making her literary inauguration!

Throughout most of Prism, the characters are superbly three-dimensional ~ from time to time even four-dimensional! ~ and move along smoothly through the narrative.

Faye & Aliza left me shaking my head because this mother-daughter duo set the benchmark for how we should look @ parental author collaborations.

Prism is an outstanding read! A definite must for all ages.

The plot is absolutely striking & it poses the question, "What if ?" " What if ? " "What if"... Utterly chilling!

Trust me there was a "Do Not Disturb" vibe while I was curled up w/ this baby!

Faye & Aliza are exquisite storytellers, seizing your attention from the first page. Aliza & Faye used a kaleidoscope of color to saturate this vibrantly rich tome w/ spine-tingling paranormal suspense.

So, get comfy, grab a tight grip & prepare for an awesome adventure from the minute you open Prism!

Prism will be released on 6/23. Hurry! It's available for Pre-order now.

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