Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Murderous Glaze ~ Melissa Glazer

Publisher: Berkley Trade Pub
Pub. Date: November 2007
Clay and Crime Mystery Ser.


A new series takes shape-the debut of the Clay and Crime mysteries. Includes directions for a pottery project! In Maple Ridge, Vermont, Carolyn Emerson planned to ease into her golden years running her paint-your-own-pottery shop, Fire at Will. She never expected to uncover a dead body in the shop, and she certainly didn't plan on a drop in live clientele. Now it's up to Carolyn and her shop's pottery club, The Firing Squad, to help clear her name. But can she find a killer and more customers without her own brush with death?

A Murderous Glaze is the first in the new Clay and Crime Mystery series & to add extra fun includes clay-crafting tips. How cool is that?

Fall is w/o a doubt my favorite season. Vermont + Autumn = HEAVEN!!!

A Murderous Glaze was a charming & entertaining read. The cozy atmosphere was spot on.

Melissa Glazer did a wonderful job describing autumn in Maple Ridge, Vermont; I felt the sigh of the crisp fall air on my cheek. I reached for my fleece throw while reading this enjoyable mystery.

I envisioned the golden fall trees w/ a touch of white caps on the Vermont mountains. I wanted to hike down to Fire At Will & ask Carolyn to give me a private session.

Trust me, I need a one-on-one class when I attempt to mash make a clay project @ Fire At Will. I mean, I want to hang out w/ the Firing Squad & have all the delicious treats & yummy beverages the Firing Squad brings to their sessions... I don't want to be banned from all the fun.

I love my mysteries w/ a theme or craft ~ especially since I'm craft~challenged. Yes, it is true. I can make the simplest of crafts look like dreck! My stick figure resembles a snake. Yet, I can draw Marc Brown's Arthur. Go figure.

Melissa Glazer gives me my craft fix. I loved learning about the craft. I recommend this series for lover's of cozies, themed-cozies, fun cozies & a darn good relaxing read.

Carolyn Emerson is a fiftyish protagonist that is filled to the brim w/ vivaciousness.

Carolyn's assistant David simply steals the show. He is an absolute standout!!! David needs a series of his own. *Hint ~ Hint* Melissa.

Hannah, David's mom & Carolyn's best friend, is a cheerful, lovely welcome addition. Hannah's presence adds to the story.

Carolyn's husband Bill is an extremely well written character. He has a voice of his own & isn't just Carolyn's hubby for aesthetics. Kudos, to Melissa Glazer for the interesting talent Bill carves out for himself.

I love the premise of a a pottery based mystery. Refreshing!

A Murderous Glaze is a fast-paced, engaging cozy w/ some twists & turns to keep you guessing.

Carolyn Emerson definitely makes a pleasurable sleuth.

A Murderous Glaze is just the start of a fascinating series. An amusing read!

Hurry... go pick up a copy of
A Murderous Glaze!!!

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