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Do You Want to Know a Secret? ~ Mary Jane Clark

St. Martin's Press

November 1998

Eliza Blake is a newswoman on the rise. Well liked and respected by her colleagues at Key News, she's entered a stage where everything seems to be going right. She's finally come to terms with her husband's death and has risen above the depression that temporarily overwhelmed her. She's happy spending time with her adoring young daughter, and a budding romance is making her believe in love all over again. Then Bill Kendall, a senior anchorman, dies unexpectedly and Eliza is thrust into the limelight -- offered her biggest opportunity ever.Everything seems right -- and yet wrong. As Eliza starts to suspect that Kendall's death has ramifications beyond the set of the TV show, she begins to unravel a plot of murder, greed and jealousy that involves players as high up as the White House. Do You want to Know a Secret? is set against the behind-the-scenes machinations of today's TV media world.

Mary Jane Clark is one of my all time favorite authors. I own every book in hard & soft cover. I even troll for the foreign editions. Not many come close to the awe-inspiring Mary Jane Clark.

I have been hooked on Mary Jane Clark since the Summer of 2000, when I picked up the nail-biting suspense soaked Do You Promise Not to Tell? I was 22 & kicking it by the pool, drenched in SPF, soaking up the sun & frantically searching for amazing reads while out of town stuck in a place that rolled up their sidewalks by 8:00 7:00 p.m. ~ I'm being a bit generous.

Mary Jane Clark saved me from turning into a listless baked potato in Bumpkinville. Thank you, MJC!!!

To this day, I still think about the main character, Farrell Slater. For me, that is the indelible mark of a gifted scribe. Creating characters so real you wonder about them long after you close the book. Mary Jane Clark does that with each & every high octane thriller.

Do You Want to Know a Secret? is a sharply designed spine-chiller.

Mary Jane Clark is a masterful storyteller. She weaves thrillers infused w/fireworks so powerful you feel like you have just stepped into the intense, unforgettable, hold-you-breath scene she has created & have become the main character.

Ms. Clark knows her stuff. Mary Jane Clark's distinct, accelerated prose allows readers an insider's glimpse of the broadcast-news business as the fictional KEY News takes you along for one adventurous ride.

Ms. Clark holds nothing back as she siphons her searing topics from bona fide headlines.

Do You Want to Know a Secret? is a tightly knit whodunit with nonstop action, a suspenseful plot that packs a wallop & absorbing characters.

Eliza Blake is one of the most empowering characters formulated. She is authentic, delightful, charming, intelligent & stunning. Eliza is one of my absolute favorite fictional characters ever constructed in story land. She is the type of woman every girl should aspire to be ~ honest, compassionate, brilliant & real. No Hollywood-doll here. Eliza is definitely as far from a Holl-doll as one could get & it is refreshing since she is in the public eye. She never gets bratty on or off camera. Eliza is a kindred spirit. She evokes emotions. I laughed & cried along with Eliza. I felt her anger & frustration. I rooted for her. I cied with her. I understood why she was the person she was & why behaved the way she did.

All of the characters were magnetic. Range was so richly developed you just wanted to know more about him. Mac was an intriguing, smart hero who is flawed which makes him engaging & endearing. Janie is simply adorable.

Do You Want to Know a Secret? is a must read book for readers of every genre.

Ms. Clark kept me guessing right up to the last page-turning stimulating climax.

I devoured this in one sitting ~ I do this w/ all of her books. Which can be a horrible habit, since I have to wait until the following Summer for the next Mary Jane Clark roller coaster ~ & do it all over again.

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