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This Pen for Hire: A Jaine Austen Mystery ~ Laura Levine

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Smarmy personals ads. Daring declarations of love. Writer-for-hire Jaine Austen has penned them all—and, in the process, glimpsed the truly desperate side of L.A.'s swinging singles scene. But when one of the love connections she made is broken up by murder, Jane finds herself freelancing free-of-charge—and uncovering more than she bargained for…
No one seems to need her help more than geeky, gawky Howard Murdoch. His request, though strangely stalker-ish, is simple enough: a letter proclaiming his undying love for Stacy Lawrence, a gorgeous aerobics instructor. The fact that he's never actually met the woman gives Jaine pause—but she soon overcomes her misgivings, warms up her computer, and starts pitching woo on Howard's behalf.
To Jaine's surprise, the letter is a success—the unlikely Romeo lands a date! But his triumph is, sadly, short-lived. On Valentine's Day, Howard finds Stacy bludgeoned to death with a Thigh Master—and is quickly named the prime suspect.
Upon hearing the news, Jaine is shocked. Sure, Howard's awkward, eccentric, and a tiny bit odd. But a murderer? That's hard to believe. Especially after a little sleuthing turns up a whole bunch of people who harbored less-than-loving feelings towards the svelte Stacy. Like the woman who coveted her spacious apartment. The jealous wife who saw her husband's eye wander in Stacy's direction. The ex-best friend, who's still angry at Stacy for stealing her man….
Things only get crazier when Jaine meets Stacy's neighbor, Cameron. He's handsome and cultured, sophisticated and sexy—in other words, too good to be true. Still, Jaine's too distracted by a nagging sense of obligation to her client to focus fully on much else. After all, if she hadn't been so good at her
job, the only cops on Howard's case would be the fashion police. Before Jaine knows it, she's become a nosier—and bolder—version of her usual self, flashing her Bloomies charge card in lieu of a press pass and lying her pants off in her quest for the truth. But Jaine had better wrangle her clues quickly, before a crafty killer catches on—and puts a whole new spin on her ghost writing career…

Memo to self...

Do not drink anything while reading this saucy book.

Do not read this book while in public due to outrageous fits of laughter that will bubble up & the next vacation you take will be @ the LoOnY Tunes Ranch : 0.

Be prepared for the looks, stares, gazes & head shaking you will receive as your family, friends & strangers finally realize you have officially gone off the deep end.

Be prepared to have tears flow endlessly from laughing hysterically.


Reading this book will spoil you & you will crave more.

Oh, yeah, don't forget the chocolate ; 9.

Laura Levine knocked it right out of the box w/ her quick witted, smartly paced debut. This Pen for Hire is brimming with humor.

Meet Jaine Austen ~ her mom's not too big on spelling . Jaine is one of the most down-to-earth & utterly charming amateur detectives to come along in a long time.

Laura Levine created not only an appealing, crafty, brassy, character ~ she hit the nail & penned a fun, fast~paced mystery that is laugh~out~loud funny!!!

Laura has an invigorating knack for writing in a style that gives the impression that Jaine is personally talking to you. Love that!!!

Laura's clever narration is unquestionably refreshing!!! I love how Jaine often shares what she wishes she could say.

Her communication w/ her parents is definitely a side-splitting adventure. And her imagined conversations with Prozac are uproarious.

Jaine is such a magnetic heroine, it won't be long before you become absorbed in her endless high jinks.

Jaine's best friend Kandi is a blast. Jaine's neighbor Lance is riotous. Her cat Prozac is priceless.

Jaine Austen is definitely a character you'll love. Laura Levine is a keeper.

I adore this series so much it is a must to have the moment it hits the shelves. I pre~0rder all of her books.

The only thing I don't like about this darling series is I have to wait a year for the next Jaine & Prozac adventure. : /. Grrr...

Oh, How I long to have a character named after moi ; p ...

Don't miss out on this:

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