Saturday, May 9, 2009

Passin' ~ Karen E. Quinones Miller


Shanika Ann Jenkins is the pride of her African-American family; smart, beautiful, and born with blue eyes and blonde hair. Though her grandmother and father are happy because she represents years of passing down light skin and marrying well, Shanika's mother insists on her name reflecting her African-American heritage so that she will always be proud of who she is. When Shanika gets the opportunity to work for a PR firm in New York, she finds that everyone assumes she is white; she also notices that being white has it advantages, from getting respect at work to getting picked up by a cab when other African-Americans are passed by. When she starts dating a successful white colleague, she continues with the lie, despite the guilt she feels at disappointing her mother and her heritage. When she falls for a handsome African-American business man, she must finally face who she is and what she's done, even if it means losing everything and everyone she loves.

Tissues. Stress ball. Chocolate.

Karen E. Quinones Miller paints a vivid portrait of the practice of "passing'"by lighter-skinned blacks.

She has positioned the spotlight on a topic not often addressed because the subject matter is too taboo.

PASSIN' is a bravely written novel delving into the delicate topic of being "color struck"in the African American community.

Karen E. Quinones Miller delivers a powerful message as she composes Shanika's thought provoking tale.

Karen E. Quinones Miller makes some salient observations about race. She handles it beautifully & honestly.

Shanika is an interesting protagonist but the secondary characters are a bit anemic.

Passin' discusses a substantially controversial topic that still effects America today, believe it or not.

This is an excellent pick for book clubs.

It's well worth the read; Karen E. Quinones Miller really out did herself on this novel.

This is truly an outstanding book.... a page turner.

Once you open this book you won't be able to put it down & will want to see what becomes of Shanika & her life.

A keeper.


Movie lovers take note it is reminiscent of the movie "Imitation to Life".

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