Saturday, May 9, 2009

Murder Off The Books ~ Evelyn David

Mackenzie "Mac" Sullivan is a retired DC cop. He is now a private investigator and takes his Irish Wolfhound Whiskey on many stakeouts.Mac uses the numerous vehicles his buddy Jeff has. Jeff runs the local funeral home, but on the side he has an assortment of vehicles, including a pest control van and taxis.Mac is trying to find a half-million dollars that has been embezzled. He is employed by the insurance company, but is soon hired by some teenagers to find Dan, the person the police believe is behind the embezzlement and a murder.Mac surveys Dan's sister's house. During the stakeout, Mac and Rachel Brenner meet. After they discover another murder, Rachel isn't sure what to believe. Did her brother really murder someone? Did he pilfer the money? Is he being set up? Can Rachel and Mac solve this mystery without putting themselves and her son in jeopardy?Evelyn David pens a fast-paced, captivating read with memorable characters and a plot that does not quit. An extremely entertaining tale.

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