Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sit, Stay, Slay ~ Linda O Johnston

Meet Kendra Ballantyne & Lexie her adorable tricolor Cavalier King Charles spaniel.Kendra Ballantyne can no longer practice law. She was accused of providing a strategy memo to opposing counsel’s client. The client then killed the CEO of the corporation she was suing.Kendra insists that she in innocent, but she was forced to resign from her law firm and her law license was suspended for three months.As Kendra's finances started mounting she had to file for bankruptcy. Fortuitously, she was able to hold onto the old family home.Unfortunately, she can't afford to live in it. She’s rented out the house and is living in the cottage in back.Kendra's friend Darryl Nestler who runs Doggy Indulgence Day Resort talks her into dog sitting for Jeff Hubbard’s Akita. She accepts because she is allowed to live in his house while he’s gone and she won’t have to see her mansion being lived in by strangers.Slowly she accepts additional pet sitting jobs, not always of the dog variety. She is able to juggle the many schedules and still have time with her dogs as well.The fact that Jeff is quite a looker and sexy is an added bonus. Everything is flourishing until she finds one of her clients murdered in his home when she arrives to take care of his dog.Unfortunately the detective believes Kendra is guilty of the murder. Before Kendra can prove that she didn’t perpetrate murder, she stumbles upon another dead client, also murdered.When in town, Jeff, a private detective and security expert, gives her advice on proving her innocence.Kendra is intent on finding the killer, but will she survive?

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