Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Case of the Roasted Onion ~ Claudia Bishop

This warm series features veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline.Austin a retired professor at Cornell University has always loved caring for his pets and spending time with his loving wife Madeline. As the bills piled up, Austin had to come out of retirement and open a veterinarian office.The Mckenzie's farm is located in Trumansburg. Trumansburg is a village in Tompkins County, New York. The Mckenzie farm is brimming with farm pets.When Austin is offered the opportunity to be the veterinary delegate to the Earlsdown Three-Day Event, he refuses.Madeline is excited to get away for a little vacation, and the $15,000 check convinces him he needs to accept.Now he just has to find someone to watch his practice and pets while they are gone.Joe and Allegra both arrive to apply for the job. Finding it too hard to pick one, the McKenzie's offer Allegra and Joe a chance to share the duties. They accept, but can they get along well enough to do the job?Before the event, vets start being killed. Everyone fears a sniper, but Austin and Madeline are sure it's something more. Can they, with the help of Joe and Allegra, discover what's happening and who is the killer without putting any of them in danger?I thought the plot was well constructed. I enjoyed the details about the animals and event.Claudia Bishop did a fantastic job of interspersing the details with the investigation.This first installment in The Casebook of Dr. McKenzie is a fast reading cozy not to be missed.

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