Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paint It Red ~ Carla Cassidy


Two years ago, Vanessa Abott's husband Jim, an up-and-coming artist, drowned himself in the Missouri River. His body still hasn't been recovered. Now Vanessa has arranged for one last showing of her husband's brilliant, disturbing artwork. Critics are raving and pieces are selling. She even meets an interesting man. Then the gallery owner is found dead with a splash of red paint across his body. Vanessa recognizes it as Jim's signature mark. And in her home, Jim's picture somehow finds its way back onto the dresser, and his jacket appears on a kitchen chair. Is she going crazy? Or has her husband come back...for her?

Lock your doors. Grab your chocolate. Make sure the phone is working. Set the security alarm.

Don't have one? Your dogs & cats are the original protectors.

Oh, ya might wanna grab the wine, cheese & even more chocolate.

For those who don't drink or like the taste of wine... milk, juice, water, soda...

Just grab your stash. Don't count on going to sleep once you pick this one up though.

Oh! Check the security setting again... Hey!!! Ya never know!!!

Let me begin... Labeled "romantic suspense", Paint It Red, has the suspense factor in spades.

***TiNgLeS*** Chills***Shivers***

There is a shrewdly woven romance but there is also the trite psycho villain out for revenge.

Carla Cassidy has a unique writing style. It is her inimitable voice that sets her apart from all the other wanna~be romantic suspense scribes when she drips morsels of suspense throughout the book.

What I really loved & appreciated about Paint It Red was the fact that you don't know who did what or why. Love that!!!

This is a crucial element in any suspense novel I read.

I love trying to guess whodunit, but I love not knowing even more!!!

This skillful thriller has a number of believable suspects & a hero that refreshingly is not one of them. *Sigh*

The police detective, Tyler King, was extremely well written.

I hope Carla Cassidy realizes the gem she created in Tyler King & pens a gripping suspense with him front & center.

Tyler was one of the best characters in the book. A stellar standout.

One thing, if Tyler does eventually get a story of his own... it'd be nice to bump into Vanessa & Christian again : }.

Paint It Red is overflowing w/ red herrings.
Definitely not to be missed.

You'll find it a keeper.

I did enjoy the cover as well. There was just something about it.

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