Monday, May 18, 2009

No One to Trust ~ Iris Johansen

Publisher: Bantam Books
Pub. Date: August 2003


He is the most terrifying of killers: ruthless, cunning, charismatic. And he has the means to get whatever he wants. And what Rico Chavez wants most is Elena Kyler—and he wants her dead. Trained as an assassin, Elena didn’t need anyone to survive. But now she finds herself on the run from one dangerous man and turning for help to another.

Sean Galen was a man without illusions. He knew it was only desperation that caused Elena to accept his help—a mother’s desperation to save her young son from a psychopath father who would raise their son in his own chilling image. And yet he was determined to get this woman who had never been able to trust anyone or anything in her whole life to accept him as her ally. But both Galen and Elena know that Chavez’s power and wealth mean there is no place they can be safe and no one they can trust—not even each other. Already Chavez’s assassins and connections to those in the highest positions of power have turned this into a war with no rules.

With two shocking acts of brutal violence, Chavez shows he will stop at nothing and that nothing will stop him. Soon a trail of horrifying murders will follow Galen and Elena across country to a last stand and a shattering showdown. For Chavez is a master of control and he wants more than just to take Elena’s life. He wants her alive long enough to see him destroy everyreason she has for living. He wants her to turn against everything and everyone she ever believed in. He wants her to commit the ultimate act of betrayal. And by the time he is through, he wants her to beg him to take the only thing she’ll have left to give: her life.

I enjoy reading Ms. Johansen but No One to Trust left me wanting...

a. To toss it out... fast!
C. To say,"What the... hay!"
D. To make sure Iris did in fact write this book???
E. To use it as tissue to wipe the tears of hysteria from forcing myself to read just one more page.
F. To lQQk for the VISINE®.
G.To run naked through the countryside to detoxify my system.

No One to Trust lacked significance. For me, there was no nitty-gritty.Elena Kyler did nothing to make me care about her life or her situation. Bor~ing!

I continued reading hoping it would get better. It didn't.

I just wasted good reading time on babble. I found myself wanting to do other things instead of reading Ms. Johansen's novel. I thought it was more fun to pour honey on myself & sit under a bee's nest.

Reading is all about perception, so many may enjoy this bunk book, but I enjoyed my time w/ the bees. Buzz~Buzz!

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