Saturday, May 23, 2009

All The Way Home ~ Wendy Corsi Staub

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: April 2007


Lake Charlotte. A quiet little town in upstate New York. People still talk about the summer ten years ago when four teenage girls mysteriously disappeared. No one remembers that summer more vividly than Rory Connelly. Her older sister Carleen vanished from her bed in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. When she left Lake Charlotte, she vowed never to return. But now, ten years later, Rory Connelly is coming home.. "It's only supposed to be for the summer. Rory has to cope with her mother's slow descent into insanity and her rebellious teenage sister Molly. The arrival of Barrett Maitland only makes things worse. The handsome stranger knows too much about the past and is constantly asking Rory questions.. "Then, on the anniversary of the very first disappearance, another teenage girl vanishes. Once again, Lake Charlotte is gripped in fear, and for Rory, it's the past nightmare revisited. Only this time, her own life is in jeopardy. For walking through the streets of the town, wearing a familiar face, is a cunning killer with a chilling personal message:. "Welcome home, Rory. You've been gone such a long time, but now that you're back, you're never going to leave Lake Charlotte again....".

Let me start off by saying Wendy is one of my absolute favorite writers. She writes those creepy thrillers like nobody's business. I love that she sets her books in our home state of NY. So, I'm a tad biased there.

I think of Wendy as a Gothic scribe for the now generation. Yep, no heaving bosoms, no heavy garb & no men treating her heroines like children or a fragile bird... puh-lease!

Wendy takes her heroines to the next level where the protagonist is in charge. Yes, the ladies are confident, intelligent, powerful, engaging, witty, attractive, and authentic! They don't need a man to survive in this world... they have them to add extra flavor to their lives. If they want their bosoms to heave that is the heroine's choice to bare her assets. Unfortunately, danger & suspense looms wherever these ladies go. Love it!

Rory is an incredibly drawn character. I felt all of her emotions & held my breath in some scenes. I'm still waiting for her to return somewhere... someday. Hint :]. Rory is one of my favorite empowering leading ladies. She felt like family. I warmed to her instantly.

When I want to sink my teeth into top-notch suspense, Wendy always delivers the goods.

Wendy knows how to create characters that are entertaining. She doesn't let up when her characters get pulled into the spookiest of situations. She doesn't overkill the menacing plights either. She writes all of her characters w/ an in depth look into their psyche & you see where the characters are coming from. Wendy doesn't "tell" she shows.

I especially enjoy reading Wendy's books when there is a thunder storm raging.

Psst! I stash a new book away for just that occasion. Really!

Barrett was an engaging addition & was well thought out.

I felt the charm & macabre of Lake Charlotte wash over me.

All The Way Home
is a remarkably worthy chilling tale.

Mary Higgins Clark may be the Queen of Suspense, but Wendy Corsi Staub is the Duchess!

Wendy Corsi Staub is skilled @ delivering astonishing endings. Her shuddersome killers are often concealed in plain sight. However, Wendy does an expert job of keeping them disguised until the exact second that she has chosen to unmask them. VoilĂ ! Crazy eerie.

If you like your thrillers to really put a fright in you, All The Way Home is the book for you. Wendy Corsi Staub is scary scribe extraordinaire.

All The Way Home is definitely a page turner & it is brimming w/ red herrings!

Wendy's trademark is ominous suspense w/ an sinister twist.

Quick! Grab a copy of All The Way Home before the thunder claps.

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  1. Great post! Chilling tale-I'm in:-D

  2. Thanks, Amy = }! Enjoy & let me know what'cha think?

  3. Sounds like I really ought to go pick one of her books off of my bookcase since I've never read her before. This one sounds good though!

  4. Do grab one of her books & let me know what you think. I'm curious to know if she got ya hooked.