Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Simmer Down ~ Jessica Conant~Park & Susan Conant

Pub. Date: March 2008
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 304pp
Series: Gourmet Girl Series, #2


Chloe Carter's boyfriend, Josh Driscoll, is prepping for the opening of Simmer, Boston's hottest new restaurant. But at a fund-raiser featuring samples of Josh's cuisine, a trendy club owner is found bludgeoned to death-by Josh's state-of-the-art, professional-grade food processor, the ominously-named Robocoupe.

By opening night at Simmer, the list of suspects is almost longer than the line to get in. And Chloe is struggling to solve the crime before the final course is served.


How do you spell fun? S-i-m-m-e-r D-o-w-n! The 2nd installment in the delightful Gourmet Girl series is even zanier than the first. Conant~Park & Conant are more in sync & @ ease w/ their hilarious heroine Chloe. Let me tell you, friends, she is definitely full of energy. Spending time w/ Chloe is like hanging out w/ your bestie. I do my best not to sip anything while flipping the pages for fear of ruining the book... just a lil' warning ; ).

Simmer Down is as yummy as a brownie straight from the oven. It is a fast-paced read filled w/ hijinks. I just lose myself in the pages & consider the Gourmet Girl series one of my all time favorite comfort reads.

I am a moody reader & when I just can't find something to whet my appetite, I reach for a Gourmet Girl Mystery. I just adore Chloe.

Simmer Down is an animated adventure bubbling w/ humor, charm & straight out screwball comedy. You will bolt from your seat as soon as the last page is read to devour the next whimsical stew Chloe has gotten herself into.

Chloe is a well developed protagonist. Where this mother & daughter team shine is in creating engaging characters. Every character is entertaining, witty & just riotous. From the most charismatic cast member to the most unruly, these ladies keep you turning the pages.

What this duo does best is endear Chloe to the readers, foibles & all. Chloe is not your "cookie cutter" heroine, you know, all pulled together & just waiting for a body to "appear". No, she's authentic, appealing, intelligent, unassuming, self-conscious, whimsical, vacillating & exposed. She is me, she is you ~ she is every woman riding this wave we call life.

The writing is smooth, the witticism skillfully crafted & Josh... well decadent!

I think they are the perfect recipe like REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!

When I first read Steamed, I thought Lindsay Lohan would make an excellent Chloe but unfortunately, she would be more of a hindrance & I want to see this series thrive on the screen.

Isla Fisher would make one fantastic Chloe on the big screen but if Lifetime or Hallmark did a TV verison, Amy Davidson has it hands down!

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