Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Silent Killer ~ Beverly Barton

Pub. Date: September 2009
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 384pp


In A Town Full Of Secrets

To most people, men like Mark Cantrell are fine, upstanding pillars of the community, completely beyond reproach. But their killer knows better. They are sinners of the worst kind, and they must burn on earth before they burn in hell. . .

Trusting The Wrong Person

Eighteen months after her husband's unsolved murder, Cathy Cantrell has returned to her Alabama home, eager to build a new life for herself and her son. But pieces of her past are everywhere-including Jackson Perdue, the town's deputy sheriff. The spate of recent deaths-each victim burned in the same horrifying manner-leave Jack and Cathy in no doubt that a serial killer is at work, one whose rage grows more vicious each day. . .

Can Be Fatal. . .

Now as a twisted killer moves in for a final, brutal act of vengeance, buried crimes are coming to light once more. And this time, justice will be swift, merciless, and as silent as the grave. . .


Silent Killer is one exhilarating read. Barton has penned quite a mind-blowing tale.

Cathy & Jackson are intoxicating. I loved them.

Cathy suffered a breakdown after she witnessed her husband, Mark, burn to death. Cathy checked herself into a mental health facility to deal w/ the heinous savagery of her husband's murder.

Cathy also relinquished custody of her son.

Not too long after Cathy returns to town to reunite w/ her son.

Also returning is, Jackson Perdue, a man who once owned Cathy's heart. Jack returns to town, despite vowing never to set foot in Dunmore, Alabama again.

Jack is smart enough to know better than to say never. Jack accepts a position as a deputy.

He is assigned Mark's "cold case". While investigating Mark's barbaric murder, the killer attacks repeatedly. The target? Clergymen.

Barton's narration through the killer's eyes was vividly creepy. I was more than a bit squeamish.

In Silent Killer, Barton deftly shines a light on why she is a force in this genre ~ she just ratchets up the creep factor & delivers skin crawling, menacing, dastardly psycho villains effortlessly.

Brava, Ms. Barton, Brava & thank you!

What I love most about Jack & Cathy is the fact that they are so darn fiery, sensual & oh, so wounded. Their affection, respect, raw emotion & lust singe the pages. This is why I love romantic suspense so much. Not just any romantic suspense, romantic suspense that is well crafted, engaging, wickedly savory & keeps you reading late into the night wee into the morn.

Silent Killer
is a spine-tingling novel teeming w/ thrills, peril & gruesome nuggets.

Silent Killer
is rife w/ suspicion. The danger intensifies. So, is anyone safe in the town of Dunmore? Barton has you hooked from the beginning, wondering who to trust & wondering if so & so was innocent. Definitely the indelible mark of a phenomenal scribe.

Silent Killer is a terrifying, sinister ride.

Hurry! Grab a copy of Silent Killer!

Psst! Double check your locks!

Visit the delightful Beverly Barton's website & enjoy the thrills she is noted for!

Check out the UK cover!

Thank you, Beverly, for the review copy.

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