Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs ~ Molly Harper


Maybe it was the Shenanigans gift certificate that put her over the edge. When children's librarian and self-professed nice girl Jane Jameson is fired by her beastly boss and handed twenty-five dollars in potato skins instead of a severance check, she goes on a bender that's sure to become Half Moon Hollow legend. On her way home, she's mistaken for a deer, shot, and left for dead. And thanks to the mysterious stranger she met while chugging neon-colored cocktails, she wakes up with a decidedly unladylike thirst for blood.

Jane is now the latest recipient of a gift basket from the Newly Undead Welcoming Committee, and her life-after-lifestyle is taking some getting used to. Her recently deceased favorite aunt is now her ghostly roommate. She has to fake breathing and endure daytime hours to avoid coming out of the coffin to her family. She's forced to forgo her favorite down-home Southern cooking for bags of O negative. Her relationship with her sexy, mercurial vampire sire keeps running hot and cold. And if all that wasn't enough, it looks like someone in Half Moon Hollow is trying to frame her for a series of vampire murders. What's a nice undead girl to do?

Move over Charlaine Harris 'cause Molly Harper's nipping @ your heels faster than the horses crossing the finish line @ the Kentucky Derby.

Harper's Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs is an entertaining debut brimming w/ humor to the point of overflowing. This is topnotch hilarity!

If Sookie Stackhouse had a cousin, it'd definitely be saucy Jane Jameson!

I want to start out by saying I am not a vampire fiction groupie. I read what I love & usually love what I read. Usually! I am an extremely moody reader. No wonder the charming ladies decided to bestow me w/ that royal title -- lol : p.

I find the genre becoming saturated w/ watered down versions, blatant knock offs & snooze fests galore. Sadly, too many authors are chasing the elusive dream of recreating something that has garnered success for others instead of listening to their muse & creating their own literary blockbuster. That said...

Enter Molly Harper! Harper delivers comedy so effortlessly you will be laughing out loud from the first page.

Harper has created an engaging cast of characters. Every individual is well crafted, intriguing & riotous. Every riveting player hanging out in Half Moon Hollow is three dimensional & nobody's sidekick.

Jane is a feisty heroine that is not only energetic she is a bookworm! Love it!

When Jane gets laid off from her librarian job, due to "budget cuts" she expects a bit of green in the form of a severance check. Wrong. Instead of a severance payment she gets a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to a bar. Yep, nothing like a little "courage" to get you through the hard times.

So, when Jane heads home after drowning her sorrows in Electric Lemonades & meeting a tall, dark hottie...

Her car dies in the middle of the night -- basically keels over. What does Jane do?

She starts to walk home but is mistaken for a deer. Did I mention it is the middle of the night?

Jane gets shot in a case of drunk drive by deer-hunting...

That is all you are getting from me because I don't want to spoil it for those who are rushing out to grab a copy or ordering it online ; p.

Y'know, Harper just may have created the humorous vampire chick-lit subgenre in Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs.

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs is the book to grab when you are thirsting for a rollicking read & a new author to adore. This series is just good 'ole f-u-n!!!

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The Jane Jameson series:

Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs

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