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Review: Guilt by Association ~ Susan R. Sloan

Title: Guilt by Association
Author: Susan R. Sloan
Pages: 544pp
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Release Date: January 1996
ISBN-13: 9780446603065
ISBN: 0446603066
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
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In 1962, when Karen Dern was raped by a young man from a wealthy, powerful family, no one believed her. Now, 30 years later that same man is about to become America's next president...unless Karen can find some way to get her story heard.


Sloan's powerfully scribbled debut is a compelling story that left me paralyzed w/ fear, filled w/ rage & empowered!

Sloan knows how to write dynamic novels. It is still one of my wishes, for Sloan to once again grab her laptop to share her gift w/ the world. It has been far too long since Sloan released a new page-turner.

Guilt by Association is a POWERFUL read. In 1962, Karen, an innocent, intelligent, beautiful collegian is barbarously assaulted in New York's City's Central Park by a Harvard Law student she has just met @ a Christmas party.

Sloan skillfully juxtaposes Karen's disturbed evolvement during the years w/ her professional triumphs & a candid peak behind-the-scenes of California political aspirant Robert Willmont, Karen's vile rapist.

Sloan's characters are inimitable & well developed. The supporting players have their own riveting voice.

Guilt by Association
is absorbing from the beginning & remains tight as it winds to an enthralling finale.

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