Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: Too Hot To Sleep ~ Stephanie Bond

Title: Too Hot to Sleep

Series: Harlequin Temptation (Blaze) # 787

Author: Stephanie Bond



Pages: 224

Release Date: June 2000

Publisher: Harlequin

Genre: Romance

Source: My Personal Copy




Nurse Georgia Adams can't sleep - and it's got nothing to do with the local heat wave. She's got a lukewarm boyfriend, a nonexistent love life - and she's frustrated, really frustrated. So she decides to take the edge off by calling her boyfriend for a little phone flirtation--and a lot more! Only, she doesn't realize she's dialed the wrong number!


Police officer Ken Medlock can't sleep, either-his libido is in overdrive thanks to his sexy midnight caller. He's captivated by her voice - and when he meets and recognizes her the next day, he realizes he has to have her in his bed-not at the end of his phone line. But first he has to convince Georgia that her wrong number has turned into a very right connection...


Scorching! Fiery! Searing! Blistering! Sizzling! How do we spell the incomparable Stephanie Bond's, Too Hot to Sleep?

Let me start off this review by saying, Stephanie Bond is one of my absolute favorite authors. She can write anything & it is juicy, riveting & difficult to put down. Bond's books are like chocolate ~ a delicious, wicked pleasure! I keep a stash of her books around for emergencies sorta like breaking the glass moments. Bond is definitely a must read author, an auto buy & the girl to go to when I am in a reading slump or just in a petulant mood.

Stephanie Bond is a gifted writer who not only has a way of making you fall in love w/ the hero -- Bond makes you ache to be the heroine.

Meet Nurse Georgia Adams. Georgia is in an apathetic relationship w/ her boyfriend. She definitely needs a dose of sultry to bring the sexy back. Georgia decides to take the advice of a friend & calls her lukewarm boyfriend late @ night & begins what she believes is a way to make their relationship pop... some harmless, tantalizing phone sex. What she doesn't realize is that her calls have been going to the wrong man. Uh oh! Can we say whoops?!

Enter sexy Officer Ken Medlock, Ken is awakened by a sensuous voice on the phone... a voice that's cooing to him that she isn't wearing panties. Ken is jolted wide awake by this juicy tidbit. He's extremely overwhelmed by this seductive call & is too bewildered to enlighten the smokin' femme fatale that she's dialed a wrong number. Let's not forget, he is absolutely loving every single moment of this mix up.

I don't want to ruin your fun @ reading this charming romance by giving away too much. I will say I would love a sequel...

Psst! I am even willing to bribe the awesome Bond w/ delectable chocolates. *Hint*Hint*.

Bond's writing muscle simply radiates w/ her vivacious, intriguing & feisty characters. She is a genius @ displaying each character's viewpoint. Brava to Bond for making the heroine & hero easy to connect with. The sparks ignite & Georgia & Ken explode. Boom Boom Pow!!!

You definitely need to cool yourself down w/ lots of ice water, the a/c or just head out into the frigid air to cool down. Trust me on this ;-p

Too Hot to Sleep is definitely a must to have on your shelves.

Read an excerpt here

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