Monday, June 8, 2009

Secrets of My Hollywood Life ~ Jen Calonita

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Pub. Date: May 2007
Age Range: Young Adult
Secrets of My Hollywood Life Series


What if... Your picture was taped inside teenage boys' lockers across America, your closets were bursting with never-worn designer clothing, and the tabloids constantly asked whether you were losing your "good girl" status?It's a glamorous life, but sixteen-year-old Kaitlin Burke, costar of one of the hottest shows on TV, is exhausted from the pressures of fame. Then she hits on an outrageously daring solution, one that has to remain top secret or it will jeopardize everything she's ever worked for.

Jen Calonita is my new bff... Shhh! She just doesn't know it! I mean, we are both from Long Island. We think Kaitlin & Liz are awesome.

Secrets of My Hollywood Life is a cute, breezy read that is all about fun! Fun! It is really refreshing to just curl up w/ a kicky read that is just darn enjoyable! No vamps or zombies running around ~ Yay! Jen is like a glass of lemonade when the sun is blaring on your skin... revitalizing!

Jen writes as if she was born w/ a Bic™ attached to her hand. I was just pulled in to Kaitlin's world which is more than Hollywood fluff. Love it! Liz is the friend we all want in our world. Liz is a delightful character that needs her own chronicles. *Hint*.

Calonita's characters are authentic & not over the top "Hollyweird"( Jen must of been lurking about w/ notebook in hand to get the delicious goods on life as a teen & in Hollywood!).

The Los Angeles school district should make Jen's series a reading must in their school curriculum.

Hmmm, I wonder how long it'll be before Disney or Nick come banging on Calonita's door. Anyone willing to place bets it won't be too long?

Believe it not, I found myself relating to *gulp* Kaitlin's bratty co-star, Sky Mackenzie! Yup, I did. I loved Kaitlin but Sky was wicked fun! My diva side does rear its adorable head @ times.

I loved to hate Sky; Jen really made me feel all of Kaitlin's emotions. For me, that is what reputable writing is all about! Calonita made me want what Kaitlin wanted. Jen's writing was so vivacious, I was living Kaitlin's life. I was having a blast living the glam life! Jen gives you a yummy glimpse inside the inner celeb circles ~ guilty pleasure @ its best.

Applause to Calonita for writing a story that is charming, entertaining, interesting & spirited.

If you're looking for a beach read that is breezy & fun Secrets of My Hollywood Life is the book to tote along to the shore, pool, to camp or wherever you happen to be this summer!

Love chick-lit? Secrets of My Hollywood Life has a spunky chick-lit vibe.

Oh, one more thing! I absolutely adore Jen's covers!!! I love them!!!

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  1. I plan to read this this summer :) Nice review

  2. Thanks, stargirlreads, enjoy it & let me know what you think : }!

  3. Great review, and I love the cover, too.


  4. Thanks, Sassy! I really enjoyed this book & the covers are incredible!

  5. It sounds like a Disney show alright lol.

  6. I really did like this book-it was cute and a light read.